Consulting Services & Second Opinions

Divorce can be complex and confusing.  Having a game plan and understanding probable outcomes can help manage the process.  At times, lawyers or clients want a second opinion or help with a complex divorce.

John S. Slowiaczek and Virginia A. Albers have represented hundreds of people and helped their clients resolve their family law issues through litigation, negotiation and mediation.  They offer their services and extensive experience as consultants.  

They are not looking to replace your current lawyer.  Instead they offer their knowledge and expertise to evaluate a property settlement, take a second look at the facts, consider options or help you prepare for trial.

A second opinion from an expert or a consultation may be needed at critical points in a divorce.  Help with discovery, business valuations, settlement negotiations, trial preparations or appeals may be appropriate.  Our expert consulting services are confidential and intended to help other lawyers advocate fully for their clients and to give clients confidence in the legal process.  

Identifying legal issues that may be encountered in possible future divorces can also be advantageous when doing estate or business succession planning.  Don't wait to fix a problem - a consultation could help avoid a problem.  We will work with accountants, lawyers, or financial planners who want to proactively identify and plan for issues before any legal action is taken.

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