August 05, 2020

Slowiaczek, Albers & Sommers chosen to 2020 Great Plains SuperLawyers

December 10, 2019

Firm & Attorneys Receives Recognition

October 09, 2019

Sommers Pens Business Valuation Article

Article in the September/October edition of The Nebraska Lawyer

January 10, 2019

Slowiaczek Discusses Prenups in Bezos Case

January 01, 2019

Whelan Named Firm Partner

July 09, 2018

Slowiaczek Named President of American College of Family Trial Lawyers

July 03, 2018

Sommers Writes Featured Article on Premarital Agreements in Nebraska Lawyer Magazine

Discusses New Considerations In Light of New NE Supreme Court Case

March 20, 2018

Slowiaczek Interviewed for Omaha Bar Association Podcast

Managing Partner John Slowiaczek sits down to talk about life and law practice on the Omaha Bar Association's podcast, "Bar Talk."

November 19, 2017

AAML Names Viginia Albers "Fellow of the Year"

The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers has selected Virginia Albers as recipient of the 2017 "Fellow of the Year" Award.

November 05, 2017

Slowiaczek Albers Welcomes Dennis G. Whelan to the Firm

Criminal and Family Law attorney Dennis Whelan joined the firm in Fall 2017.

October 26, 2017

Survey: Mental Health Increasingly a Factor in Divorces

John Slowiaczek discusses recent survey of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers.

September 22, 2017

When it Comes to Divorce, Not All Assets Are Equal

Good advice on things to consider when deciding on division of assets.

August 07, 2017

Why Millenials Are More Likely to Have a Prenup Than Their Parents Were

Marrying later and with more assets creates certain financial considerations prior to getting married.

January 09, 2017

Slowiaczek Albers Promotes Hannah C. Sommers to Partner

September 21, 2016

John Slowiaczek Talks Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Divorce on KQRS Podcast

Discussion on 92 KQRS Morning Show about the pending divorce of Brangelina. [Skip to 9:30 Mark for Discussion]

August 11, 2016

Can You Lose Your 401k in a Divorce?

John Slowiaczek dicsusses major issues related to retirement accounts and divorces.

April 14, 2016

Divorce: One More Reason Why the Super Rich Want to Hide Their Money

The recent Panama Papers leak revealed how global elites use offshore companies to avoid paying taxes, but also to keep it away from their future exes.

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