John Slowiaczek Named President of the American College of Family Trial Lawyers

The American College is a select group consisting of the top 100 Family Law trial lawyers in the United States. Diplomates practice sophisticated and complex family law matters, both domestically and abroad, including divorce, paternity, palimony, child abduction, and domestic torts. Diplomates are chosen based upon their recognized litigation skills and courtroom abilities.

The American College has achieved national recognition through its Diplomates handling well-publicized cases and cutting edge legal issues. Diplomates participate in rigorous continuing education, act as guest speakers, and participate in a free-flow exchange of ideas and innovative concepts.

This prestigious honor follows Slowiaczek's term as President of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers in 2017. The AAML consists of approximately 1,650 of the finest Family Law lawyers who qualify for membership. Membership in the AAML requires passing a demanding test and personal peer reviews.

Individually, each of these honors would be considered the pinnacle of a lawyer's career. For Slowiaczek to attain both of these honors is a testament to his knowledge and skill as a Family Law lawyer.