Couple signing a prenuptial agreement

When Should I Get A Prenup?

A lot of people think that premarital agreements are for the wealthy or people or people with high-value assets. While it’s true that many wealthier people do choose to use marital agreements to protect their assets before they’re married, an agreement can be made by any couple who wants to use it as a cushion.

If you’re considering signing a prenup, here’s what you need to know.

What is a Prenuptial Agreement?

A prenuptial agreement, known as a marital agreement in Nebraska, is an agreement made between a couple before getting married. The agreement is a contract that would need to be signed by both parties and can protect you and your fiancé’s financial interests after marriage.

Prenups are legally binding agreements, and a family law attorney can be instrumental in helping clients put their requests in writing. The agreement doesn’t go into effect until after you’re married. You should talk to your fiancé and make the decision together while weighing the pros and cons of getting a premarital agreement.

Pros and Cons of Premarital Agreements

You may not think it’s necessary to get a prenup before saying “I do,” but there are some reasons to consider one. The following is information on how prenuptial agreements can and cannot benefit you.

Pros of Prenups

You should get a prenup if you can’t agree on finances. Prenups can be used to decide and agree on financial matters that have caused issues in your relationship.

If you and your significant other can’t agree on how to handle your finances in your relationship now, an agreement can help you control the outcome of what happens with your money during your marriage and in the event of a divorce.

Prenups can be used to protect an inheritance. Maybe your family left something very special to you. A premarital agreement can help keep your inheritance in your family.

Cons of Prenups

Maybe one day you want to have kids together. Premarital agreements can’t be used to determine child support or custody. If you have kids and get divorced in the future, consult with your attorney about how child custody and child support should be worked out with your spouse.

Additionally, it is possible to sign a prenup without a lawyer. A premarital agreement can dramatically affect your rights in a divorce. Signing a prenup without a lawyer present can prevent you from receiving certain entitlements.

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