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"Always prepared, knowledgeable, respectful and a persuasive advocate."

Outstanding attorney. She is always prepared, knowledgeable, respectful and a persuasive advocate.

      "Always prepared, knowledgeable, respectful and a persuasive advocate."

      Outstanding attorney. She is always prepared, knowledgeable, respectful and a persuasive advocate.

      "Exceptionally fine attorney."

      Ms. Albers is an exceptionally fine attorney.

      "Virginia is an excellent, ethical attorney in the difficult area of matrimonial law."

      Virginia is an excellent, ethical attorney in the difficult area of matrimonial law. I enjoy working with her.

      "Virginia has tried complex custody and financial cases for years and is considered one of the very best family law lawyers in Omaha."

      Virginia has tried complex custody and financial cases for years and is considered one of the very best family law lawyers in Omaha. She has an excellent reputation in the community and with her colleagues. Virginia is a top-notch attorney.

      "Experienced, accommodating, and not afraid to take a case to trial."

      I consider Virginia to be one of the top family law attorneys in Omaha, especially for divorces involving closely held business interests. She is experienced, accommodating, and not afraid to take a case to trial. There may be other attorneys that would be more economical if the divorce involves primarily child custody matters, but I think Virginia is tops in Omaha when significant assets are also involved.

      "They were strategic, prompt, and insightful every step of the way."

      John Slowiaczek, Tom Horgan, and the firm were an absolute pleasure to work with. They were strategic, prompt, and insightful every step of the way. Tom and John added incredible value while working through complex issues. I am very grateful I had Tom Horgan and the Slowiaczek Albers team on my side.

      "Top notch attorney!!"

      Dennis Whelan represented me in my divorce and I would highly recommend him to anyone needing a divorce attorney. He delivered everything we discussed in our initial meeting and he always provided me with options on how to proceed, so I could decide what was most important to me. Top notch attorney!!

      S Stone
      "I would highly recommend John and his team."

      I was going through a difficult divorce and needed stronger representation than I was getting. I am so grateful John was referred to me. He and his team are knowledgeable, responsive, patient, (my ex went through several lawyers), communicated clearly; hardworking and persevering. As hard as this was to go through, (for all of us); John, Virginia and Betsy worked extremely hard to make it as easy as possible. I would highly recommend John and his team.

      David H.
      "Dennis Whelan, I can't say enough great words about him."

      Dennis Whelan, I can't say enough great words about him. He taught me how to go through a divorce with dignity and to hold my head up high no matter what the outcome was. Of course, it came out fair, because Dennis knows what he is doing and is full of class. I appreciate you, Dennis.

      Tim G.
      "This was by far the best experience I have ever had with a group of people, in what was probably the most stressful time in my life."

      This was by far the best experience I have ever had with a group of people, in what was probably the most stressful time in my life. The team was amazing and kept me updated the entire time. They never gave me unrealistic results, which was great because I was never let down. They walked me through my divorce and appeal and still assist with any issues that come up today. I really couldn't have done it without you guys and I truly appreciate the support and professionalism of everyone in the office.

      "Dennis Whelan and his team are highly proficient, easy to work with, and very engaged."

      Dennis Whelan and his team are highly proficient, easy to work with, and very engaged. They have not only been a huge source of support in everything, but they are also very diligent and timely, which makes them stand out among others. I highly recommend him.

      Chad C.
      "The best choice for you!"

      If you want a job done correct and with integrity Scott is the best choice for you! He makes a point to listen to your situation and concerns and is able to come up with the best solution That fits your needs. His persistence, honesty, and compassion will help you not only feel comfortable but also confident in what is being done. Scott will go out of his way to make sure your interest and concerns always come first!

      "Highly experienced divorce attorney"

      Scott Hahn is a highly experienced divorce attorney with many notable successes. If you need a divorce attorney, call Scott!

      "Kind and has shown me absolute respect."

      Mr. Scott Hahn and I are in the process of a Legal Sep/Divorce. From the initial consultation, I felt that he truly listened and understood my feelings, concerns, circumstances and worries. Mr. Hahn is patient with my questions and takes the time to help me understand. He is also approachable, kind and has shown me absolute respect. He is always just an email away and responds quite quickly. I am completely satisfied with Mr. Hahns' representation of me, legally, thus far.

      "Highly Recommend - Divorce Attorney"

      Scott Hahn has helped me during a very difficult time in my life that no parent or spouse desires to go through. Scott is very patient, knowledgeable, caring, and an advocate of parental rights in all conversations. I have been most impressed with Scott's attention to detail, communication, genuinely shows that he cares about the person he's representing as well as everyone impacted during the divorce process, and his ability to be honest rather than promise and under-deliver. Scott has represented me during my divorce and he has always been up front with me on what he is doing on my behalf, that divorce process stages, and what I need to prepare myself for as I go through the divorce process. I was referred to Scott from a friend and after watching Scott in action I can't thank my friend enough for his advice to retain Scott as my attorney. Scott has always been up front with me about what I need to do to protect myself and my child even when I wanted to hold out hope that my marriage could be saved. Scott continues to support my efforts to try repairing my marriage but has informed me of the guidelines I need to work in to protect myself if those efforts continue to remain unsuccessful. It is nice to know that Scott is protecting me when I am unable to lose all hope and that he ultimately wants a family to stay in tact unless divorce is forced or the desired path of both spouses and in the best interest of the child or children. I have a lot of respect for Scott and the work he's done for me, he's someone I feel comfortable confiding in and I trust Scott to only communicate the information he knows is relevant to my case. We have only had one court appearance but as a father who was faced with an immediate custody dispute I was very impressed with how much information Scott had based off our conversations at various times in preparation of the hearing. Scott is very organized and will communicate to you what you need to prepare yourself for based off is experience in similar cases/situations which is something every spouse should understand going into a divorce. Scott was able to overcome many of my own self-inflicted obstacles in my case and presented me with an opportunity to overcome these obstacles going forward. Scott has never advised me to retaliate against my spouse and any attempts to do so that are not legally justified have been filtered out which is the best method to have a peaceful resolution to an already very emotional and painful process. I will refer any person going through a divorce to Scott Hahn, he is a supporter of your rights as a parent and spouse but cares about you as a person above all else! I have all of the confidence that Scott will prevent me from damaging myself, my relationship with my child, and any potential co-parenting relationship I want to have with my spouse going forward.

      "100% Recommend"

      Scott has been nothing but helpful in my case. The communication I've received from Scott is a breath of fresh air. Knowing that quick communication with my attorney is a phone call or email away helps ease my anxiety as I navigate my case. I feel that Scott sees me as a person, not as a paycheck. I have never felt that I am being taken advantage of financially. Every penny spent is worth it to have Scott as my attorney. I feel that Scott has been very supportive of me and I trust his instincts as a lawyer. It was very important that I have a lawyer that wasn't judgmental or condescending. Scott is neither of those. He listens intently and explains things in a way that I am able to understand. When you're going through your darkest days, it's nice to have someone like Scott on your team.

      "He was very supportive, having my best interest"

      Mr. Hahn was extremely patient in a simple divorce relating to property division. It took over 8 months and thousands of dollars to reach a settlement, due to missed deadlines and personality issues. I would use Mr. Hahn again, he was very supportive, having my best interest in the forefront at all times and patiently explained and/or re-explained questions that I had; always listening to my concerns. In the end, he encouraged me to go for more, which I was able to attain, and continues to protect me.

      "From Questions to Confidence"

      Mr. Hahn has been representing me in a custody modification since December 2020. At that time, he took over for another attorney that had left Koenig Dunne, and he has been on point ever since. His attention to detail is much appreciated, and possibly only surpassed by his ability to communicate. Mr. Hahn has been very proactive, makes sure I understand the current state of the case, and if we ever didn't see eye to eye on something, he quickly gave me a call and were able to have a conversation about what was happing, why it was happening, and what would happen going forward. Obviously no one can guarantee results, however Mr. Hahn is very good about letting you know possibilities. Unfortunately, opposing counsel and client have not been the best about following the rules of the court, but Mr. Hahn has been able to keep them in check and even get them to pay some of my attorney fees for their negligence. Mr. Hahn and I are still working together to protect my daughter and my best interests, but he has taken me from questions to confidence in my case.

      "Efficient and Excellent Communicator"

      I had a great experience while working with Scott Hahn while completing my divorce. He is very efficient, empathetic, a great listener, well educated and a great communicator. He walked me through each step of the process, listened to my concerns, and was always quick to respond. I know that anyone who works with him will be highly satisfied,

      "Patience, kindness and willingness to help"

      Scott was a great attorney to have represent me during my Collaborative Divorce. He was professional yet understanding of my needs. There was always a quick turnaround when contacting him. I appreciate his patience, kindness and willingness to help guide me through this emotional process.

      "Great Service"

      I had a great experience working with Scott Hahn on my Colaborative Divorce Case. I prayed to God that he would point me in the right direction choosing an Attorney and Scott Hahn was the one that I chose thrusting God in this decision. Now that my divorce case is over, I felt I made the right decision choosing Scott. He was very supportive during the process of my divorce and we had a great communication through out the process of my divorce. He really takes time to understand how I felt during them process. He was very open to help me get the best results in my case. He is a great guy to work with. I truly recommend his services.

      "Great Lawyer"

      Scott is a great guy to work with. He is very knowledgeable and works best trying to meet of of your needs. He always responded in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend Scott to someone needing help.

      "Amazing Attorney!"

      I have had the opportunity to work with Scott on several modifications of support. Scott is very understanding, empathetic, and very detail-oriented. Scott always took the time to walk through the changes with me ensuring I understood the outcome completely. I highly recommend Scott!

      "Vigilant Guidance"

      Scott was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful, restoring my parenting time to match the original parenting plan. He has helped me make the best out of a bad situation while also preparing me for future options. Scott and his team are always thoroughly prepared for every meeting and/or court date. This was not something I could have even comprehended doing alone, and I am thankful for his help.

      "Fantastic Service"

      Scott has been a wonderful resource and has supported us throughout our case. He has been forthcoming with information and always willing to answer extra questions. His team is professional and courteous and we were comfortable speaking with all of them.

      "Highly Recommend"

      I needed to have my proposed divorce settlement and proposed alimony reviewed by an attorney before our mediator submitted anything to court. Two people I highly trust recommended I consult with Scott Hahn. Scott reviewed everything in a timely manner and provided detailed, fair, and thoughtful feedback. I felt confident after our discussion to move forward with revisions to the settlement. I am so happy I contacted Scott before I signed anything. Scott's insight was invaluable and I also felt very comfortable talking with him. I highly recommend Scott to anyone needing to consult with or hire a divorce attorney. Thank you, Scott.

      "Very responsive, knowledgeable, and supportive"

      Scott listened with empathy and attentiveness during our consultation call which was the deciding factor to hire him. Scott did not let me down. He answered my questions throughout the process and through that I felt supported. I strongly recommend Scott.

      "Scott Hahn was God send for me"

      I almost lost hope in a very hard fought and complex paternity case. I was on the verge of losing my paternity claim and my previous attorney was no match for the defendant's team of lawyers. I was looking for an attorney who could fight for me and by God's grace I found Scott. Scott is an outstanding professional and I sensed that at the very first consulting session. I was so impressed to know that he already studied my case and discussed about the possible next steps without asking about anything that is already there in the case affidavits. He was prepared, knew about the case and showed clear understanding about the next best steps. He communicated well throughout the process and was always on top of things. His research and preparation of case materials was impressive. I am lucky that I hired Scott as my attorney and he finally turned things around and won the case for me.

      "Excellent Service"

      Scott was very thorough and empathetic through my entire situation. He is extremely knowledgeable and I would recommend his services to anyone going through an extremely difficult situation.

      "Worked with twice!"

      Mr. Hahn helped me through my divorce including a parenting plan. I was so happy with my experience working with him that I hired him again when a custody and parenting plan change was necessary. Scott listened to my needs and wants and advised me on what was reasonable through settlement and what I should expect if we had to go to court. Scott kept me updated on the progress of my case throughout. I really appreciated that Scott got to know me some to understand why the case was important to me.

      "Making the best of a bad situation"

      I worked with Scott on my collaborative case. He was excellent at keeping me informed and making the process go smoothly. I appreciate his patience and his ability to diffuse highly emotional situations. I highly recommend working with Scott, though I hope I never have to again :) Thanks for everything Scott.