How To Succeed at Co-Parenting

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When you file for a divorce and have children, your ex-spouse will likely remain a part of your life. It can be difficult to work as a team to parent your children after going through a separation; however, doing so will greatly benefit your children. While it may be overwhelming to co-parent at first, it is possible to succeed. The team at Slowiaczek Albers & Whelan can assist you as you work on mediating your parenting plan and can provide you with tips for co-parenting.

1. Your Kids Are #1

When co-parenting starts to get difficult, remember that you are doing so for your child’s well-being. Children greatly benefit from having both parents play an active role in their life. You and your ex-spouse should work to put your differences aside when parenting your kids, so you can both enjoy being there for them. Co-parenting will make attending important events, like games or performances, all the easier.

2. Have Open Communication

Communication is a critical component of success with co-parenting. Having the ability to have honest and direct conversations with your ex-spouse will allow you to parent your children more effectively. For example, if an important event comes up with your kids it will be necessary for your fellow co-parent to be aware so they can be present for those times. It is also possible that last-minute changes may need to be made when co-parenting, which will also need to be communicated.

It is important to also communicate with your children regarding custody agreements and potential changes. Knowing what they can expect will provide them with more stability and security.

3. Be Flexible & Firm

Flexibility is an important skill when it comes to co-parenting. Sometimes surprises or the unexpected will happen. For example, if your child gets sick while at your ex-spouse’s home, it may be necessary to prolong their stay. Having the flexibility to accept and move on from these changes is crucial, as you may need the same in the future.

However, it is also important to note that you will need a firm stance at points. You cannot be a pushover and let your ex-spouse make all of the changes they want. It is essential to stick to the routine and schedule when possible so your children have the stability and support they need from both parents.

4. Try Co-Parenting Apps

Some apps can help you and your ex-spouse stay organized and adhere to the parenting plan. These apps help parents communicate. These digital tools are useful in staying up to date on what is happening in both parents’ lives and all of the children’s activities. Furthermore, specific apps also have tools to request schedule changes or share pictures. You can also give other important family members, like grandparents, access to this information.

5. Don’t Put The Kids In The Middle

It is understandable that you may have lingering hard feelings towards your ex-spouse. Going through a divorce and ending your marriage is a difficult process. However, having negative feelings towards your ex cannot negatively impact your abilities to co-parent. Putting your kids at the center of conflict will only negatively impact your children.

If conflicts begin to arise, reaching out to an experienced attorney can help. They will be able to provide you with legal guidance on your custody issues and advice on following your parenting plan and when it would be appropriate to seek a modification of the parenting plan.

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