Why Mediate A Parenting Plan?

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Did you know that it is possible to experience benefits while creating your parenting plan? Well, you definitely can. Through processes like mediation, a negotiation-based approach to child custody, and parenting plans, there are many lessons and skills that you can gain. This may come as a surprise to some people, as divorce and custody issues are typically viewed as contentious processes, full of stress and anxiety. However, through mediation, you can have a more positive experience.

Slowiaczek Albers & Whelan can help explain the benefits of going through the mediation process when creating parenting plans. You and your children deserve an approach that will leave you with the best resolution and experience.

1. Putting Your Children First

Divorce is already complex enough for a child to experience. However, mediation can allow you to put differences with your ex-spouse aside and focus on your children. You will have the chance to communicate about their needs and take into consideration the potential arrangements that will benefit them the most.

2. Satisfaction With Results

If you approach child custody discussions with a contentious mindset, you may find that you will spend more time reaching a resolution. Furthermore, you may not be satisfied with the results of your parenting plan. However, if you go into custody discussions ready to negotiate and compromise, you can leave feeling more satisfied with your results.

3. Learn Negotiation & Compromise

Throughout mediating your parenting plan, it will be necessary to negotiate the terms of your schedule and agreement. You will have discussions with your ex-spouse about important things such as picking up and dropping off information and potential holiday arrangements. You will also have to compromise on certain things. However, these are great skills to have for co-parenting.

Need Assistance With Parenting Plan Mediation?

If you like the way the benefits of mediation sound and you are considering filing for a divorce, this may be a good option for you. However, it is important to have an attorney that understands the value of mediating parenting plans and supports the process. At Slowiaczek Albers & Whelan we are experienced in helping our clients through mediation, reaching a parenting plan that works for both parties via negotiation.


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