Arranging Parenting Time Schedules for Special Days of The Year

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Spending time with your children is a part of the parenting experience. You want to bond and form strong relationships with them, acting as a guide throughout their life. However, a divorce can change how and when you can spend time with your kids. Creating a parenting schedule is a critical part of the divorce process, but it can be challenging to decide what type of schedule works best for the whole family.

Slowiaczek Albers & Whelan knows how important it is to have quality time with your children. That’s why we are here to help explain potential arrangements and what might work best for you and your family.

What Is a Parenting Plan?

A parenting plan is a document that helps address the important components of custody and visitation. For example, it can dictate where and when your children will be, who will be responsible for them on certain weekends, and how the holidays will be arranged. Parenting plans also allow you to disclose what days of the year are essential to you and when you would like to have time with your children. If you decide to modify the plan in the future, you can also explain how that process will happen.

Potential Arrangements For Parenting Time

Within your parenting plan, you have the opportunity to write out the arrangements for parenting time. While this may be overwhelming, our experienced attorneys at Slowiaczek Albers & Whelan can help explain different potential arrangements and the types of schedules that you need to consider.

  • Vacation Parenting Time: During school breaks and when parents have time off, there will need to be an explanation of when kids will spend time with each parent.
  • Regular Parenting Time: This component of scheduling will help determine when and where the children will be during normal days of the year.
  • Holiday Parenting Time: During special days of the year, like Christmas, it will be important to designate in the schedule where children will spend their time.

What To Do For The Holidays

While there is typically a set routine for residential schedules, such as a 50/50 split or extended weekend arrangements, holidays may have a more specific schedule depending on the family’s needs. There are several options for families to choose:

  • Splitting the day between parents.
  • Alternating where the kids are on a year-to-year basis.
  • Double scheduling specific holidays so both parents can spend time with the kids.

The parents need to make decisions that are in the best interests of the children. For example, if the children want to see both parents each year for the holidays, alternating may not be a suitable option.

Need Parenting Plan Assistance?

Slowiaczek Albers & Whelan knows how important family time is. That is why we are here to help you navigate the parenting planning process, assisting you in making decisions that are best for your whole family.


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