Are There Apps to Help With Co-Parenting?

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We rely on our phones a lot in our day-to-day lives. We use them to keep up with family and friends, document important life events, and for entertainment. While cell phones can be a detriment sometimes, they are also tools that can make our lives easier. In fact, for parents after a divorce, there are apps that can assist them with parenting plans.

Slowiaczek Albers & Whelan is here to provide you with a list of apps that can help you and your co-parent provide your children with the best parenting experience possible.

Our Family Wizard

Our Family Wizard is a co-parenting app that has been on the market for quite some time and has garnered a reputation for being an immensely helpful tool. The app provides communication features, as well as a shared calendar. This allows co-parents to update schedules easily, as well as provide updates to their fellow co-parent. Our Family Wizard also has features to help with expenses related to the kids. Furthermore, you can share the information from the app easily with the courts or attorneys if necessary.

Talking Parents

Talking Parents is a more simple application that still provides the necessary features that co-parents require. If they need assistance maintaining a schedule, Talking Parents provides shared calendars with real-time notifications and updates. This app also keeps a record of all shared information, dates, and communication. If you end up needing to take your co-parent to court, this information is crucial.


CoParenter is a newer application that provides similar features as the previously mentioned applications. Along with communication and calendar features, the app also provides on-demand mediation services. These services are provided by retired legal professionals. They can assist you at a moment’s notice with any co-parenting issues that you may encounter.


AppClose is a free app for co-parents that need assistance with communication and keeping track of appointments or important events. The app also provides a multi-functional calendar that is accessible for all important family members up to date on schedules. Furthermore, there are also tools that allow you to keep track of expenses, as well as receipts and other financial documents. AppClose’s messenger feature also allows you to group chat and communicate confidentially with your attorney while maintaining a record that cannot be deleted.

Always Consult Your Attorney

While it is comforting to know that there are a plethora of apps available to help co-parents succeed, they do not take the place of an experienced family law attorney. Slowiaczek Albers & Whelan is here to provide you with guidance in the event you encounter co-parenting issues.


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