Summer Planning Checklist for Visitation

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2 Tips to Prepare for Visitation

For recent divorcees, creating a plan that works for you and your kids during visitation may feel overwhelming at first. You may be overthinking about what you’re going to do during the visit, how you’re going to communicate effectively with your ex, or what fun activities you’re going to try with your kids that fit within your custody agreement.

Our attorneys at Slowiaczek Albers & Whelan are familiar with all of these things, and we can tell you, visitation and creating a parenting plan is simple with a little guidance. That’s why we wrote this blog!

Keep reading for a few tips to create a visitation checklist for your kid’s next visit.

1. Openly Communicate With Your Ex

If your current co-parenting relationship between you and your ex is pretty healthy, try to communicate your plans for your kid’s next visit. Try not to talk about your plans in front of your children, but let your kids know the details you planned on involving them in. If you can avoid it, don’t give your kids messages to communicate for you to your ex.

Use your resources to communicate with your ex and be sure to include them in your checklist. This could include talking over the phone, emailing, texting, video chat, or whatever means of communication has worked for you in the past.

2. Try Fun Activities

Consider asking your kids what activities they’re interested in when they come to stay with you. If they don’t offer any answers for what they’re interested in, you can try these fun activities for all ages:

  • Try a local weekly summer camp, like dance camp, or football camp.

  • Go to a museum that has something your child may be interested in.

  • During the summer months, visit a water theme park.

  • Go to the beach for a few days.

  • Bond by cooking your kid’s favorite food together.

There are more activities you can do that will surely keep your child interested, and also reduce anxious feelings you may feel during the visit.

Family Planning and Parenting Time

If you’re having difficulties planning parenting time, or your ex is giving you a hard time with your current custody order and visitation schedule, our attorneys are more than happy to step in and assist you! We know how tough it can be to co-parent after a divorce, and we help families get through these obstacles while keeping your child’s best interests at the forefront of our concerns.

Reach us today at (402) 928-2007 to schedule an appointment!

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